Un Climate Accord

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From the Guardian: Fiona Harvey in Katowice Sun 16 Dec 2018 15.25 GMT 
(Taken from the web site blog Wake up N.S .Dec.17th 2018) 

UN climate accord 'inadequate' and lacks urgency, experts warn
Agreement will fail to halt devastating rise in global temperature, say scientists
The two-week-long conference in Poland left questions about reducing greenhouse gas emissions unanswered. 
The world has been put on notice that its best efforts so far will fail to halt the devastation of climate change, as countries came to a partial agreement at UN talks that failed to match up to the challenges faced.
Leading figures in climate science and economics said much more must be done, and quickly, to stave off the prospect of dangerous levels of global warming.
Nicholas Stern, the former World Bank chief economist and author of a seminal review of the economics of climate change, said: “It is clear that the progress we are making is inadequate, given the scale and urgency of the risks we face. The latest figures show carbon dioxide emissions are still rising. A much more attractive, clean and efficient path for economic development and poverty reduction is in our hands.”
'We can move forward now': UN climate talks take significant step

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Johan Rockstrom, director designate at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, said: “My biggest concern is that the UN talks failed to align ambitions with science. We continue to follow a path that will take us to a very dangerous 3-4C warmer world within this century. Extreme weather events hit people across the planet already, at only 1C of warming.”
The two-week-long UN talks in Poland ended with clarity over the “rulebook” that will govern how the Paris agreement of 2015 is put into action, but the crucial question of how to lift governments’ targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was left unanswered.
This is an excerpt from an article by Fiona Harvey. Please follow the Guardian link for the complete version. 

Interpretation: We are doing too little too late therefore the need for the “Preparedness project.”




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