We need to "Dig Deeper"

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This week Jocelyn Jollymore posted on our Facebook Group page a very interesting piece of digital art, So interesting in fact we thought it was important to blog.With a digging unrelated to the message of the piece we found its creator is Alyse Ruiani whom to quote " I create illustrations and designs about topics like mental health, body positivity, self care, and social justice, informed by my lived experience, art background, and clinical training. And then I make items that reflect these things to serve as little reminders and affirmations for you to enjoy every day" . We found her message on the piece and wanted to share it with you : 



"It’s mental health awareness month. And I know a lot of advocates feel weary, because this month can be filled with surface level “awareness” rather than actual conversation and taking action. And I agree. If we want to address mental health, we need to dig deeper. 

We cannot just rely on what we have been doing, because so many people are being failed. We need to go beyond the medical model and pathologization to see what is really there. So many people have completely reasonable responses to the things that have or are happening to them, to the harm that is being or has been done, to the ways the system has and continues to fail them. 

People are not just a set of symptoms or a list of diagnoses. They are full human beings with an array of experiences in which they react to. Are we pathologizing grief? Are we considering the intersecting identities each person holds? Are we recognizing the mental affects of experiencing racism, homophobia, colonialism, ageism, ableism—all of the ways that people are othered?

We can’t just slap a diagnosis on someone, give them some meds, and throw them into treatment. We need to look at the big picture. We need to advocate for the resources and the laws and the change that would make life worth living for more folks. We need to dig deeper if we want to truly help, truly see and hear the people we work with, and truly make a difference. "



Want a print? https://alyseruriani.com/products/dig-deeper-print
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